16 July 2015

Double the Size of Berlin Holocaust Memorial

70 years after Holocaust #1, Germany was quick to sign off on a deal with Iran so that it can profit from Holocaust #2

My “Future Holocaust Memorials” blogart project that I began ten years ago follows in the tradition of artists in the past who confronted evil through their paintings, drawings, and prints, from the etchings of Goya recording the horrors of Napoleon’s invasion, George Grosz’s drawings of the catastrophe of World War I – the disabled, crippled, and mutilated – and his caricatures ridiculing Hitler and his Nazi henchmen, to Picasso’s Guernica crying out against the bombing practice by Hitler’s burgeoning war machine killing hundreds in a little Basque village in northern Spain in 1937.

Just as the world’s acquiescence to Hitler’s raining bombs on the village of Guernica gave him the license to proceed with preparing for WW II and exterminating the Jews of Europe on his way to global conquest, the world’s indifference to the thousands of rockets launched against Israel by Iran’s proxy armies, Hamas and Hezbollah, are empowering Iran to annihilate the Jews of Israel as a prelude to global jihad.

 I propose upgrading the Berlin monument that Germany commissioned to commemorate their having exterminated the first 6,000,000 Jews.  It is a sprawling field of 2,700 stone slabs. I propose doubling its size by adding 2,700 more stone slabs as a future memorial to the six million Jews of Israel incinerated by an Iranian nuclear bomb. 5,400 stone slabs for twelve million Jews murdered.

70 years of Holocaust #1, Germany was quick to sign off on a deal with Iran so that it can profit from Holocaust #2. As Iran’s major European trading partner today, German businessmen are whetting at the bit to end sanctions.   Even before the agreement is ratified, and sanctions lifted, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is flying to Teheran to be the first in line to make billions through renewed trade with Iran.  The Germans are there two weeks after the virulent anti-Semitic al-Quds parade lead by President Rouhani celebrating Iran’s intention to destroy the Jewish state.  Instead of telling the Iranians to end their Holocaust denial, support for terrorism, genocidal threats, the Germans are busy arranging to reach $10b worth of business per year, including the sale of dual-use technologies to boost Iran’s nuclear and missile development. 

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