21 April 2009

Art to Thwart Genocide

Upgrade Berlin Holocaust Memorial for victims of Holocaust 2

Webart: Global Reach in a Networked Planet
Artists in the past have confronted evil through their paintings, drawings, and prints, from the etchings of Goya recording the horrors of Napoleon’s invasion, George Grosz’s drawings of the catastrophe of World War I – the disabled, crippled, and mutilated – and his caricatures ridiculing Hitler and his Nazi henchmen, to Picasso’s Guernica crying out against the bombing practice by Hitler’s burgeoning war machine killing hundreds in a little Basque village in northern Spain.

Today, the global reach of a networked planet gives artists unprecedented power to express their moral outrage as a worldwide call to action to confront hatred, bigotry, racism, terrorism, genocide, and cults of death and destruction. This webart blog attempts to reach out across our planet screaming, "Never Again!"

Just as the world’s acquiescence to Hitler’s raining bombs on the village of Guernica gave him the license to proceed with preparing for WW II and exterminating the Jews of Europe on his way to global conquest, the world’s indifference to the thousands of rockets launched against Israel by Iran’s proxy armies, Hamas and Hizbullah, are empowering Ahmedinejad to incinerate the Jews of Israel as a prelude to his global jihad.

Designing Memorials for the Second Holocaust
The nations that did nothing to prevent the murder of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe or collaborated with the Nazis have built memorials to honor those dead Jews. They are once again doing nothing to prevent a Second Holocaust.  As a wake up call, I proposes designing in advance Holocaust memorials for the 6,000,000 Israeli Jews incinerated by an Iranian nuclear bomb that nobody tried to stop.

Upgrade Memorials for Holocausts 1 and 2
The Berlin monument to the six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis is a sprawling field of 2,700 stone slabs. I proposes doubling its size by adding 2,700 more stone slabs as a future memorial to the six million Jews of Israel incinerated by an Iranian nuclear bomb. 5,400 stone slabs for twelve million Jews murdered by the world’s indifference.

Evian 1938 / Geneva 2009
Evian Conference, July 1938 - In a charming town on the French side of Lake Geneva, delegates from thirty-two countries participated in a conference that set the stage for the Holocaust. They all closed their countries’ doors to Jews and passed no resolution condemning the Nazi treatment of Jews in Germany. Hitler was given a green light to destroy European Jewry.

Geneva Conference (Durban II), April 2009 - On Hitler's birthday in a beautiful city on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, delegates from nations from around the world applauded a speech in which Iranian President Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel. No resolution was passed condemning his incitement to genocide and his proposal for Holocaust II. Ahmandinajad was given a green light to develop nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map.


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